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How well have you planned for your child with Special Needs?

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A 2015 study showed that only 33% of families have a written plan for their family's future.*

Planning for the future of your child with special needs is vital to his or her success. 

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*2015 study conducted by Northwestern Mutual.

See Where You're Well Planned And Ready For The Future

These are the areas where you have been proactive in planning for your child's future success and impact. You have likely accomplished many planning tasks already.

Determine Areas Where There May Be Room For Improvement

The planning process can be overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing at times. You may have overlooked some essential areas of planning.

Take Strides To Prepare Fully And Achieve Peace Of Mind

We have FREE resources that can help you with your planning process. We'll meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go.

“My husband and I finally feel secure knowing that we have a plan to provide an abundant future for our daughter with Down syndrome. Throughout our planning process, it was a welcome relief to get guidance from ENABLE that focused on our daughter's abilities, not limitations!”

Cheryl B. Indianapolis, IN 

"The team at ENABLE Special Needs Planning exudes so much passion for our special needs community and they offer excellent guidance and encouragement during the planning process. Their team promotes independence for our children based on their ABILITIES, helping to smash the stereotypes that society has placed on them."

Stephanie M. Nashville, TN

"The many FREE resources and tools that ENABLE provided our family empowered us to take action and make the important decisions that we had been putting off ...for quite some time. Most importantly, we were reassured throughout our planning process by knowing that the team at ENABLE could provide help with any area of planning where we felt stuck. They were willing to talk about our unique desires and needs." 

Trisha R. Naples, FL

"There are many blessings to being the mother of a child with Down syndrome. One of those blessings is that my child brings people into our lives that we would have never have known without her unique special needs diagnosis. Phillip and his team at ENABLE are some of those people. They are such passionate advocates, personally and professionally. Their devotion provides individuals with security and support so that parents can focus on the needs of their family."

Nicki R. Tampa, FL

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